August 31, 2006

Accent *this*!

So I'm working on my resume. I can't remember how to get the proper accent for "resume", so if anyone out there knows, clue me in and I'll fix that...

Anyways, It's currently 2 pages, 12pt font for headings, 10pt font for text, Garamond font for the whole thing (because it looks prettier than Times). The first page is work experiance, which was trimmed down from its original 2 pages. The second page is entierly volunteer work, because my volunteer experiance is much, MUCH more interesting, and shows more skills that an employer might value, than any real, paying job I've ever had. I'm still editing, because I don't know if it looks professional enough. If you'd like to edit for me (or get a cheap laugh at the amount of crap I've actually put up with so far), please let me know. More eyes make for better chances of employment.

I could go back to the Lucky and save myself the hassle. However, I've done that for the last 2 years, and it doesn't really make me happy. Besides, I'd be better off polishing my people skills and earning minimum wage than making burgers and (aparently) tacos and selling old men lotto and tobacco.

I'm thinking about changing the layout of my blog. The lighthouse is pretty, but it's getting old. It's just strange, though... I'm kinda nostalgic for it. That, and none of the other templates really stand out to me. I'll wait and see, I guess.

Also, I finally found Papaya Enzyme! They have it at the Guardian on Algonquin, and the small bottle I have cost less than $5, which is perfect. So, I take the Apple Cider Vinager before I eat, and the Papaya after. Maybe I'll finally be able to shed the Effexor weight after all! And if not, my digestive system will totally kick your digestive system's ass.

Tomorrow I'll be making my first venture onto campus. It should have been today, but tooling around town in Vanessa's swanky new car was MUCH more enjoyable. But, there will be an excursion tomorrow. And y'all know what that means... Time for....

A LIST! Here's what I have to do tomorrow:
-get proof of registration for the bank and dad's insurance company.

-prove to the registrar that there's no need for me to take a writing test.

-get at least 2 appointments with Dr. Gooderham. One for the yearly once-over, and another because I need a 2-step TB test for class, I need her to make sure I have up-to-date annoculations, and I probably will have to get a flu-shot, even though I've never needed one before, and I'd like to get that overwith.

-I should get a bus pass. I'm not getting a parking pass, and I'm not walking 1.5 hours (45min up hill...), so it just makes sense.

-I'm going to pick up a Canadore Ontario Student Works Application, just incase there's a chance that they have a job I could do.

-I want to buy some of my books. Problem is, I don't know yet exactly what courses I'll be required to take, and what I'll be exempt from, so maybe that's not the best Idea. I'm not sure about the return policy, and how bad that might screw me over. There are a few courses I'll likely have to take, but I don't want to spend $200 on a text book I don't need.

That's it, really. Game was moved to Monday because of Rez activities for Heather and the other Lacey, so I'm Free as a Bird on Saturday. So, please, call. MSN me. I even have AOL Instant Messagner if that's your fancy. Because we all know that if someone doesn't motivate me to go out, I'll just stay here all night, reading obscure webcomics and posting on ZetaChannel.

And no one wants that.

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