September 24, 2012

Round isn't a shape?

So, I have some body-image issues.  Nothing new there.  And the fact that I blew up like a balloon since entering the workforce (go stress-eating!) hasn't helped things.

But, it seems the time has come for me to really work on changing that.  Not because I'm sick of being pudgy, or because I just "feel like I should do something", but because of things coming up.

That's right, folks, I have GOALS.  Nothing extravagant, just a timeline of events on the horizon that line up with reasonable weightloss goals.

Right now, everything is kind of vague, mainly because I don't have a scale.  Sidenote here:  I don't want a scale.  I HATE scales, and everything they stand for.  But hard numbers make this less in my imagination and more on paper.

Here are the "goals", for now... until there are numbers, that is:

1) I want to lose the bloaty look by November 24.  So... nothing huge, just more flat tummy, less puff.
2) I want to lose the wings (under arm flubber) by next March.  Nothing really happening in March, but that's the next time short sleeves will be coming around, so it makes sense.
3) Here's where the numbers come in:  I figure I'm about 200lbs right now (I was 190 last time I saw a scale monster).  I want to be down 65lbs by November 1, 2013.  This is for a thing that's happening involving a big boat in November of 2013 that I'm not sure I can blog about, so I'm gonna just call it the "Boat Thing".
4) Here's the big one: Some time soon, likely either 2014 or 2015 (depending on $$), I'll be squeezing myself into a white dress.  NOT a poofy one, but a white one none the less.  Here's why this is the big one:

I do not want to wear a Plus sized dress.

Not because I have anything against Plus sized brides, I think they're sexy too!  I just have an idea in my head of what dress I want, and it's not going to look the way I want it to with a spare tire.

SO: here's the plan:

-Adam and I are cutting out all POP.  He's actually already done it, and said it was harder than anything he's ever done.  So.... that'll be fun!
-Adam set up the Kinect for me, so I can usse the X-Box program thing and not have to go to the gym.
-NO MORE FAST FOOD FOR LUNCH.  I'm going to take my lunch.  Veg and salads, man.
-Sleep Hygiene.  Ok, so this isn't a direct thing like working out or something, but I'm going to shut down the computer and the TV (verdict's still out on music and podcasts) one hour before bed.  This leaves more time for:
-YOGA!  Back on the wagon!  At least 10 minutes of practice.
-My sister and I are doing WeightWatchers.  Well, not the meetings, but the food-stuff and the accountability.
-I have been looking at couch to 5K.  Only problem with that is the cold.  Not sure if I'll be able to overcome that one though... Outdoorsy stuff might have to wait until spring.

So, that's the that.  And people:  when you hear be being lazy, just nudge me and remind me that some day soon, I'll be wearing a bikini.  In public.

Nothing is more motivation than that...


Onii said...

If I could recommend something? I don't know if you've heard of the paleo diet, but you could give that a try. It means cutting out grains and as much processed food as possible, and sticking to meat, veggies, and so on. The idea here is that in the 10,000 years since Man began doing agriculture, our bodies haven't quite adapted yet to digesting and processing grains effectively. On a paleo diet, your body changes and begins to burn fat instead of sugar.

For some recommended reading, you can look at Mark Sisson's blog, - it's a great resource and has pretty much everything you need to get started, for free. He also has a book called The Primal Blueprint which breaks everything down in a pretty easy to understand book.

Robb Wolf also writes on the diet, and his book is "The Paleo Solution".
There are also several other books that might be helpful: "Practical Paleo" is a huge resource, Kathryn just got it and it's like 300 pages of textbook sized reference, including recipes, meal plans, and so on.

"Well Fed" is a great paleo cookbook as well.

I'd be happy to answer questions if you have any, and I could recommend a few more books as well. Kathryn and I went paleo last fall, and by January I was needing new pants. I'm currently down about 40 pounds from last year.

On Mark's Daily Apple, take a look at the various "Sucess Stories" he posts from readers, it's pretty inspiring. =)


Nikki Holmes said...

Hello! Quick question for you. If I may ask, where did your statement come from?
"If you're going to screw it up, do it BIG... people will think you're doing it on Purpose."