July 24, 2012

Must... Knit... FASTER...

Today, I got a thank you card from a mom to be, saying she may take me up on hand knits for her little ones this winter.  Two thoughts crossed my mind:

1) Yay!  People like my knitting!

2)...Oh, crap... people like my knitting...

I'm two sleeves and a collar away from my third (!) Baby Sophisticate sweater.  The link there is for the free (seriously!!) pattern on Ravelry.  Now, part of the joy of Rav is that it has a section where the innovative and organized knitter can document their yarns, their works-in-progress and their finished items.

No one ever accused me of being organized....

I'm working on it... slowly, much like everything.  But now, now that people are (other than Adam and his LlamaFaced Scarf...) are actually wanting for my hand-knits, I might have to start taking better care.

Hell, at this rate, I may actually knit through my stash!*

*yeah, NEVER gonna happen.

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