February 15, 2012


I"m not sure what's been going on with me recently.  Since about Saturday, I've been kind of off the grid... I'm not really wanting to be on social media at all (FB/Twitter/Rav, even Evony), I've not wanted to check the papers, or my feeds... even checking my email has no appeal.

I feel like everything's spinning around me, and I just can't grab on.  I can't keep thoughts in order, I can't pin things down.

I just want to shut down and escape, but I can't.  It's too busy right now... too much going on.  Things are just picking up. 

Quiet isn't quiet enough anymore... there's always so much noise.  Sunlight's too bright, and I'm just tired.

This weekend Adam and I are heading up to see his parents.  I think some time out of this city will be good for me.  Somewhere reasonably quiet.

I just hope I don't go off the rails before that.

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