December 30, 2011

Healthy New Year!

The holidays have been hectic (as usual), but also fantastic.  These last few days "off" (one 4 hour shift doesn't count) have been wonderful; I've been able to re-charge a little more than usual, and I"m preparing for the new year now, while I have the chance.

This year, I"m not really doing a resolution.  Resolutions are big, chunky, long-term goals that are generally forgotten by February.  I've joked about starting the Jan.1 diet with everyone else, but truthfully, I'd rather just be healthier in 2012.  This last bout of bad health has left me tired, achy and ready to find a new way to revive myself.

It's not going to be easy.  Nothing ever is, especially when it's good.  And it's not going to be cheap either.  I'm pulling in little bits of extra coin here and there, but with rumors of cut-backs at Old Work, I might be heading back to breaking even.  But the good stuff in the long run is worth the penny-pinching now.

One of the things I"m going to continue doing, which is something I'm actually really fond of, is making lists.  I LOVE a good list.  Here's a list of things I"m going to do today to make the whole living healthier thing easier today, because next week is back to the crazy...

1. soak some chickpeas for roasting, and some for freezing.  you can freeze those, right?
2. soak some lentils.  Not 100% sure how those are supposed to taste, but I think you add them to like, soup and rice and stuff.
3. nap.  I like napping.  napping makes me feel good.  I actually already did that today, so I can strike it off the list!
4. Knit.  Knit for pleasure.  I haven't done that in awhile.
5. Laundry.  Clean laundry makes everything nicer. 

More lists to come!  Happy New Year!

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