September 16, 2011

Here I am again, posting with the iPad, but this time because I have about one minute before the Nyquil kicks in. Everyone seems to be coming down with something, and I'm fighting it... Though I'd say my success rate is falling by the second. I do, However, feel the need to put a little tiny plea out there into the Webberverse... For faries. Just one, maybe two, and only for like an hour at a time. One to find the cable to charge the camera (before monday, please and Thanks), one to organize my paperwork, one to do the dishes, and maybe, just maybe, one to do a load or two of laundry. I think if I get one teeny tiny litt.e fairy to do this for me, I may just get a little time in for knitting sometime before Christmas. I kid, of course, it's not really that bad, it's just more fun to so these domestic-type things with company. Also, I'm thinking that the best way to make things easier to bare, at least for one fairy, is to get rid of a bunch of my clothes... I want to get new winter clothes this year, and that's going to mean at least one closet purge in the very near future, my strategy is to get rid of the old stuff, and pick up a couple of basic long style long sleeve t-shirts, and a WHACKTONNE of new underwarez. so, if you know anyone who could use some size 18/XL and/or L second hand Shirts, lemme know before I ship them all offr to the donation bins. I should apologies for the quality of this post... Mainly because I'm not used to the keyboard on the iPad yet... But it's ok, because I'm sick. Now, someone get over here with some hot soup and pet my hair until I feel better, damn it.

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