June 14, 2011

From Epic Tiger to Vanilla Watermelon

You read right! The Epic Tiger Socks are (still about 96%) Done! Just the ends are left to be woven in. So, I'm moving on to something cheery for me.

I'm using the basic sock pattern I learned from Christina's Sock Class at Creative Yarns (if you live anywhere near Scarborough and you knit, TAKE THIS CLASS), which I'm now referring to as my "Vanilla sock" (top down, long-tail cast-on, 2 inches 2x2 rib cuff, french heel flap, flat toe) and the EPIC Zauberball Starke 6 (a 6-ply yarn) by Schoppel Woole (a German Company (obv.)), in a colour way that doesn't exactly have a name, but has been oft referred to a the "Watermelon Yarn". I got 6 (!) balls of this stuff, thinking I'd make a watermelon cardi or something, but all I really want is Watermelon Socks, and possibly a Lazy Katy (a pattern on Ravelry, which may be the first I actually purchase from Ravelry).

I really like this yarn. It's strange at first, because the 2 colours are twisted together, which is kinda of like knitting with the strand held double. You do have to be careful that you're knitting both strands, or you get some wonky stuff going on. But it creates a really cool tweedy effect that I like.

I actually cast this sock on last night during Game 6*, and had to rip it back because a) I was about 2 needle sizes too small (the thing damned near stood on it's own), and b) I miss-counted by 10 stitches, which is like, an inch. HUGE fail. But it's ok. I was actually so excited to cast this back on that I almost stayed up to do it. Almost.

So, Tonight I'm going to another Jays game with Adam and his friend Andrew (Andrew and Lindsay are Awesome-Sauce, just sayin), which will be my... 3rd? Maybe? Of this season. It's his 31st. No, that's not a typo. Thirty One Games this season. And tomorrow I work until 9. I'm really, REALLY hoping that I'll be home in time to at least catch the last period of game 7.

I"m off for now... Coming Soon: An encounter with Real, Live Cleaning Fairies (Seriously, they were AMAZING), and I'm goin to the Zoo-Zoo-Zoo...

*Blame Adam for the sports stuff... thanks to him, I now understand both Baseball and Hockey. Also, WFT VANCOUVER??? Seriously? That was just embarassing. If you don't win Wed., there will be riots.

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