May 28, 2011

The Legend of Spring, and stuff...

Many years ago, when I was a very young Sparky, we Canadians experienced a strange phenomenon; a time of transition, where blankets of grey-white snow slowly faded into puddles, tiny buds poked their noses through the branches of young trees, and the air shimmered with a sensation I used to call "T-shirt cold", where it was cold, but you would last for a few minutes in only a t-shirt with the new sun dancing on your bare arms.

This glorious thing that lasted through April and May and often into the first week of June was called "Spring".

It seems that something has happened in the past few years, something mysterious, shocking and just slightly unsettling: Spring is gone. Somehow we lost it. Now it seems that only days after the snow stops falling, the temperature soars to an almost sweltering, stifling mass of humid dampness, which, in this city makes me want to either sit at a park bench and eat ice cream, or take a really long, cool shower.

I can't decide if this makes me sad or not. I'm glad it's not Winter any more, but I kind of miss Spring.

Anyways... Just something that crossed my noggin.

Something else that I've been chewing on... a career change. No, no, not from retail to a "real job", I'm already working on that. Problem has been, I'm working on it... unsuccessfully. And I'm starting to wonder if I'm holding myself back on a subconscious level... maybe I don't want to go back to what I was doing. I'm sure not all Non-Profits will suck out your soul, run you into the ground and make you question the good in any form of "management", but still...

I've been thinking about doing a couple of things over the past few months. One of the things I LOVE doing (always have), is being a Resource. I used to be the Resource Chick... If you needed help raising money for something, I was all over it. If you were in a tough spot, I knew like, 4 places that could help you out somehow. I've thought about going back and getting my Community Resource Consultant certification, but it's not really recognized by... any organization, really.

The other thing I've thought about doing, again a resource-related thing, is Event Planning. Like, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Fund Rasiers, Corporate Shindigs... I could do that. I like putting things together, making plans, seeing things come together and seeing people enjoying themselves. I could totally be a rockstar at that.

Or what about proofing, copy-editing or test knitting? All pretty one-off stuff, but all things I could probably do... though Adam and I both agree that I'm not really the work-from-home type...

Anyways, that's what's been spinning though my noodle over the last couple of days. What about you? What's got your pasta whirling?

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