December 28, 2010

Out, damn'd year!

So, usually around this time of year, I say something about attempting to reflect back on the year, kind of a "greatest hits" of memories to usher in the new year. This year, I'm choosing not to do that, for one simple reason:

2010 kinda sucked.

Not that it didn't have it's bright spots: I moved, got engaged, got a "survival" job, took knitting from a hobby to an out-and-out obsession, met people, went to weddings, watched my niece turn into the cutest little Moodle on the planet... all that was wonderful! But emotionally and physically, for me? Not the most astro-stellar 365 I've had. I've screwed up a fair number of times, the economy has hit me and mine pretty hard, and things haven't been all roses all around.

Instead of dwelling on it, lamenting and bellyaching and whatnot, I've decided to give 2010 a proper send-off, right out the door. And what better way to do that, then with a nice, ruthless purge?

As I'm typing, 6 black garbage bags of unwanted, unneeded clothes are ready to head to the first drop-box I come across; Adam dropped off 2 today. My underwear drawer has been rid of anything that sags, pinches or just isn't cute anymore, and by the end of tonight, all the clean laundry will be neatly put away. And that's just for starters.

If I've learned anything from working at the Retail Establishment I'm working at (and trust me, there isn't that much to learn other than most stereotypes about bargain hunters are true), it's how to turn a disaster into less of a disaster in less than half an hour while distracted and under pressure. Here's what I've learned:

Step 1: Get Everything off the floor. Even if that means putting it somewhere else, just get it off the floor so it doesn't get stepped on or dusty.

Step 2: Get rid of the "flung". These are items flipped over bars or other inappropriate places. Take your Flung, make it Hung, and put it where it's supposed to go.

Step 3: Clean up the Visable areas. These are the first areas you see when you come in (so here, the bookshelf corner of the living room and the hall). Make sure they look neat and tidy so that even if the bathroom's gross, the dishes are piled and the bed isn't made, people will think the house is clean.

Step 4: Put out Small Fires. This means touch up areas that are a little cluttered first, so you will see progress and stay motivated. Also, this will take the least amount of time; if you only have 30 minutes, why would you do a bunch of filing when you could clean 3 flat surfaces?

Step 5: Big Fires. These are the tasks that are lengthy, annoying, will take a fair bit of time, and would probably go faster if you have someone to help. This would be something like sorting and organizing the stack of papers on your desk, cleaning out a closet/fridge, or alphabetizing the bookshelf/DVD shelf.

Step 6: Touch-up. This means checking to make sure that while you were doing something else, someone didn't come around and wreck the joint. Basically, making sure that while you were making the bed, someone else didn't make dinner and leave all the cooking utensils scattered and all over the place.

So, purging. Getting rid of unneeded things, and trying to make the space more livable. It feels nice to get things moving, flowing... makes things less stagnant.

Speaking of less stagnant, purging and getting things moving, January is going to be a month of resume blasting (which will probably start a whole year of resume blasting...). I've moved from "Seasonal" to "Part Time" at the Retail Establishment, but that means having about 10 hours a week of work (or less), which is not nearly enough to feed my yarn habit, let alone pay rent. So, employers of Toronto, be ready to see my name very, very soon!

In terms of "Resolutions" this year, I don't think I"m making anything hard and set in stone. I know that there are things I'd like to do more of, and things I need to do less of. I also know, however, that there are too many variables, and a little too much unpredictability in my life to set hard goals for things. And I"m ok with that. Blogging, however, is probably something I should do more of, so you all don't have to deal with long, boring, self-indulgent entries like these!

So, that's that. 2010 is over and done. Here's hoping that the door didn't whack it on the butt on the way out...

PS: Sorrelle says hello and sends snuggles to everyone, and Adam says go play Peggle on the Xbox because it's the best game ever.

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