October 18, 2010

Have you seen a little Llama?

...Actually, I think Alpacas are little llamas. And, truthfully, I haven't met either in person, though, I have met Emus.

No worries, I'm not actually going anywhere with that.

ANYHOOoooo... Adam and I went on a real Toronto Adventure. We went on every form of TTC transport there is, which was cool because I've never been on a street car before. I got to go to Romni, which is to yarn what This Place is to the damaged cat that Kathy somehow managed to adopt out a while ago... basically, made of awesome, except for the point of the afternoon where we were accosted by a meth-head. (That was actually Thursday, but it was still pretty awesome). I found out where the Purple Purl is, and where the Knit Cafe is... Places where I can go and be a crazy knitting person, and it isn't... you know, *that* crazy.

Anyways, back to Saturday. Adam took me to High Park, which is a very large, very pretty park, with an off-leash dog play area. There was also some kind of LARP convention going on, which was hilarious for Adam, and kind of cool for me. We walked aimlessly, then walked more down what I'm pretty sure was Queen East. It was a lovely walk, and I got to see some very interesting parts of the city that I really would like to see more of.

Anyways, that was our adventure, and it was awesome. I'm going to go to High Park again sometime before it snows (I hope) and take some pictures.

Speaking of Adventures...


Well, a taste of it, anyways... sorry, I'm having some slow computer issues tonight... Here's a couple of pics... more later...

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