August 22, 2010

New stuff and Knit Stuff

I'm trying out a couple of button-y thingies on my blog. You don't have to use them, I just wanted to see what they look like and stuff. I"m also going to work on Labeling posts again, so if you don't want to read about my obsessive fixations or whiney self-indulgent nonsense... Well, I guess you can go somewhere else. Lol. (pronounced: Lull.)

Anyways, the smell I whined about earlier is gone inside the house, so that's good. Adam's going to sleep here tonight, which is also good. I'm starting to feel better about things. The fact that I've been ill most of the day certainly didn't help things... seems something irritated my digestive tract. I blame the KFC we had for dinner last night. Popcorn chicken was a bad plan.

Adam and I spend most of the day chilling. This was a good thing. We alternated loads of dishes, and got about half of them done before I was forced to the side lines for good. We watched insane amounts of Star Trek TNG (we've got one disc left in the complete series (Yes, that says series... not the british term meaning "season", but the American term, mean every episode made ever. It's like 50 discs.) box set he bought. And I knitted.

And I started reading a new blog.

I'm going to pause here for a second to inform my fellow bloggers about something that's been going on since I moved to the T.Dot. There's a whole technical thing going on that is due to 1 of 2 possible problems:

1) My computer (SparkyIII) is getting older, and Adam's Router (itsforthem) can't support it, or

2) Adam's router is a big stupid head and doesn't like my computer, so it crashes any time it's near by.

So, I've been using Adam's laptop, and he uses his "work" laptop. The problem that affects YOU is that my browser on SparkyIII (Flock) had all of my links. The Blogs I read, the comics I read, the things I liked to read... And because I'd been checking them via RSS feed, I'd forgotten most of the actual www. things.

So, I've got probably 6000 entries to catch up on from blogs of people I actually know and occasionally talk to, not to mention about a billion comic of them updates DAILY!!!

And I've just started reading this brand new blog from the beginning... meaning 2004!!

I'm clearly insane.

The blog I'm now reading is Yarn Harlot. It's written by another Toronto-nian: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. She is a Doula (my understanding is that that's like a midwife), a writer with actual published books, and a knitter. She's what I would more accuratly call a free-form adventure knitter. She has a very throw-caution-to-the-wind attitude, which is cool, and she's openly grade-A crazy, which I also like. She treats each project like a living being that she coaxes/assists/threatens to life, she hoards enough that one of her daughters actually created the term "woolpig" in her honour, and she talks to her yarn in the same way I talk to my cat.

She has inspired me to do a number of things in the few months of posts I've actually read:

-knit socks. Hers just look so damned comfortable!
-Knit lace. She makes it look so easy!
-Make things with sour cherries. She has a tree in her yard that wound up generating enough not only for bars and cakes, but also enough for shinanigans purpotrated by children and elderly people who should know better.
-Throw caution to the wind. Seriously, it's just yarn. It can be un-done if things go wrong.

I've got 2 unfinished Heather-Sweaters on the go, and a couple of projects in the Queue (Cue? Whichever). And finally, FINALLY I finished the blanket gift. All I have to do is sew in some ends and block the thing, and it will be on it's way to it's new home with an old friend and a new baby.

Speaking of new babies, it seems I should start stocking up on more booties, jackets, blankets and hats... of the friends we have that have gotten married this year, ALL are talking about starting families within the next year. Not to mention the babies that are already here/on the way that I haven't gifted for yet. PLUS the gifts I need to do for christmas and birthdays, and the dish cloths I've been meaning to whip up for Kathy and the Rescue...

And reading the Yarn Harlot's blog is only going to fuel the addiction; not just to projects and patterns, but to yarn. Glorious, smooshable, squeezeable yarn. I already bought myself some baby alpaca that I"m going to be using for a shawl (FOR ME) very soon, and Creative Yarns (google it: it's on Ellesmere. Go there. Go there, but not without a budget. I could very easily spend every dime I have there and leave wanting more) has gotten more fabulous beautiful wonderful prettiness in recently... I haven't even tried Noro yet, and I want to so badly it hurts.

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

The second step is accepting the fact that you have a problem.

The third step is casting on mittens...I don't have mittens either.


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