June 9, 2010

In the cards...

You asked: Will I get a job quickly in Toronto?

The Basis:
A cheerful chef, his white toque adorned by mystical symbols, its top flopped into a lemniscate outline, stands at a counter with a measuring cup, a chef's knife, and a plate on it. He holds a whisk triumphantly skyward in one hand.
Meaning: You have the power that comes from being skilled. Your cuisine reigns supreme.

The Situation:
Edgewalker, reversed
This card is divided along the diagonal. In the upper half, a shaman speaks with guides in the spirit world. In the lower half, he sits in trance while the family of a sick man looks on worriedly.
Meaning: You should seek counsel or expert help.

The Outcome:
A rabbi, a priest, and a mullah walk into a gay bar, laughing together.
Meaning: You are walking the right balance between innovation and tradition.

You may ask another question.

Reading from The Crowdsource Tarot.

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fineskylark said...

Not a bad reading, all things considered.