February 11, 2010

Brain Dump: Listy edition!

Here's a sample of things floating around my brain... Putting them here so I don't forget them later.

-I need to buy 5 and 10 lb. weights from WalMart, and set up times with Raf for webcam boot camp!
-Need to find my physioball. See above.
-For my birthday, I would like a new purse and more WalMart gift cards
-For my dirt devil, I need bags designed to fit ROYAL DIRT DEVIL Hand Vac Type G
-I have to remember to pick up Adam's dry cleaning tomorrow
-I have to remember to go to the clinic tomorrow to refill my Rx
-Relly needs more food
-I need to file my EI on Saturday
-I need to call OSAP and ProActiv either tomorrow or monday.

I think that's it for now. we'll see.

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