December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Even though I'm not Christian, I do still celebrate it as a holiday.

As pointed out a number of times today, I'm not a Christian. I do not keep Christ in Christmas, because as much as I'm sure he turned water into Funk, I don't follow that doctrine of faith (I don't really follow any doctrine of faith, mostly because I don't have the energy, and because I believe that organized religion is one of the greatest downfalls of modern civilizations and will eventually cause the end of the world). But I do still believe in the OTHER spirit of Christmas.

Christmas is about giving and appreciating. It's about love and respect. It's about thanking the people who have stood by you over the past year for all of the things that they've done for you.

This year, it's about showering the baby in presents, and you know what? I can get behind that. Know why? because of that love thing. Because giving is fun, almost as fun as watching someone getting and knowing that you did good. On this one day of the year, when it really matters, you did good.

Earlier today, we talked about how people do Christmas. This before dad making fun of people for still shopping today ("The 7-11s are still open, and maybe you can get some hotdogs..."), but still... Yes. I do Christmas by how much I spend. If I'm not broke by the end of the season, I haven't loved enough. I don't think I know how to show love without buying things. Giving gifts. Giving. Giving love. I don't know how to do that.

POINT IS... Point is Christmas isn't about what Church you go to. It isnt about what god you do or don't believe in. Christmas is about that feeling... that jingle bell feeling when you crinkle your nose and you smell the air and you feel happy and like everything's just warm and fuzzy.

You don't get that every day. I sometimes don't get it even at Christmas time. I actually don't have it now. But... I do feel solid. Like everything's going to be ok.

And this time of year, that feeling's pretty darned good too.

So... Merry Christmas.

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