November 2, 2009

Pain in the back...

So, I've had a sore back all day.  Like I've pulled something.  But that will not deter me from my goal. 

1667 words y'all!

Well, that, and setting up my new writing station.  Yes, yes, a real, comfy, non-office writing station.  I'm moving my pink plushy laz-E-boy up to my desk, and taking the uncomfy kitchen chair back to... well, the kitchen.  Then I'll move the rocking chair to where the plushy chair is, so relly still has somewhere comfy to sleep. 

30 days of Madness has to start with a little insanity, yes?

Also, I got EI today.  It went through... first try even.  That was a real shock, I figured I've have to appeal.  But, it's good now.  I'm not going to starve before I find another job.  Yay! 

But my back still hurts.  And I need some water.

That's all for now... saving my fingers for my as-yet untitled novel.  :)
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