October 28, 2009

Welcome to Crazytown...

So, about 2 hours ago, North Bay closed their ONE and only open flu-shot clinic due to overwhelming turnout. Not because they ran out of vaccine, but because too many people came to get it.

Further proof that the City of North Bay has no idea how to manage media and the masses. I'm sure they're just trying to incite a riot to make more than MCTV news after the first commercial break...

Anyways, as people continue to flip out, freak out and panic because of the small chance that they may get the sniffles and DIE (oh noes!), I'm actually ok. I'm bunkered down in my basement fortress of awesome. I have bottled water, latex gloves and masks, and a few extra bottles of Advil prepared and ready for when it hits.

What? No, not the flu. The mass hysteria.

To answer your question, no. I'm not getting the damned shot. Not even a little. Why? I've already been exposed. In fact, Adam's pretty sure we've both already had it; we were sick after our venture to Sudbury for his work-thing. Also, because the shot is a stupid idea. It only protects against this strain of the H1N1 virus. Not against any mutations. So, even if you get the regular flu shot, and the H1N1 shot, you're NOT EVEN A LITTLE protected when this thing mutates.

And it's going to. Know how I know? Simply put: I lived on Rez for 3 years! I've seen every imaginable disease, from the mildest of head colds to a simple sore throat, to the flu people brought back from Christmas Holidays, mutate into something much worse (remember: Mono with Strep and Bronchitus in first year? Mumps? Menengitis? the GastroHell that a lot of people went through year before last? Proof).

It makes you want to scream. To beat people over the heads until they realize that It's going to be ok, and to get over it. NO NEED TO PANIC!!!

Unless this thing mutates into the T-Virus and Zombies start taking over. Then you can panic. Zombie Apocolypse is definatly not something I'm totally prepared for, but I do have a plan involving Canadian Tire, EcoTrex and the cleansing power of fire.

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