September 24, 2009

Aunt Sparky

So, as of September 19, I am an Aunt. Heather Marie Richmond made an appearance 10 days late and after 3 days of labour and a last-minute c-section. I`m an aunt.

I`m at home, in St. Marys. Well, I`m at their home. I wander around here like a ghost. My room is now a nursary, things aren`t in the same place. I know I`m useful now. But, once the stitches start to disolve I probably won`t be useful anymore. But that`s ok. Because, and I`m happy to report: I don`t want one. I don`t really want to be useful. Not for that reason.

Ash doesn`t sleep or eat. She gets down a half cup of jello, and gets maybe an hour of sleep a night. And the house is still immaculate. She digs at me for leaving lights on and cries over everything. The baby cries when it`s not sleeping. and that`s all it does. I mean, I wasn`t expecting cartwheels or anything, but still...there`s no giggling, no cooing...

It`s impossible. I thought I had an impossible juggling act, but her... I don`t know. they can`t leave the baby alone ever. there`s no lying down. no watching TV. No time to chill out, no going out. I`d be afraid to leave the house. We can`t have the windows open because it`s too cold, and I just sweat. I get here at 8 in the morning and leave at 11 while they`re still awake, and I haven`t showered... And it`s not even my baby!

No. I`m happy. Happy to be cool Aunt Sparky. Cool Aunt Sparky from up North.


Tabetha said...

Congrats!!!! :) You are going to be the fantastic Aunt that she can go to for anything! (Perhaps she'll talk to you about sex! YAY!)

J.D said...

I'm glad everything turned out ok and that Ash. and the baby are doing reasonably well - that's "well" for a new parent, by the way. ;)

Truthfully, I'm happy for her, but it also makes me want to go and take an entire pack of birth control pills and then have a tubular occlusion AND a tubal ligation. ;)