April 3, 2009

12 days a week...

Tonight, I am saying Affirmations.

Tomorrow will not suck.
People who take my class tomorrow will not ask me questions I don't have the answer to.
I will not forget how to perform CPR.
I will NOT pass out while teaching major bleeding.
I will not say something stupid and look like an ass.
I will NOT make "whack a baby" jokes while teaching infant choking

They will find my course as informative as the ones Verda does.
They will laugh at my jokes (ok, some of them).
I will keep my cool.
I will follow my slides and the book.
I will learn for next time.

I will NOT let Glorianne and Sophie get to me.
I will NOT stay at the branch until 9pm tomorrow finishing the transparancies
I will NOT check my emails a bazillion times.

I will find a way to teach HCP, even though I barely know how to do the skills myself.
I will go easy on myself, because as Verda pointed out today, there's a LOT worse crap out there than what I'm going to give them.
I will get some sleep tonight.

I will not hear other people's voices in my head telling me that I'm just screwing it all up.

I will hear my Own voice, coaching me through... just one more hour, just one more...

I will believe at least some of what I've posted here tonight.

I have to.

I... might take Thursday off. Maybe.

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