March 2, 2009

Check this out!

"All I need is a Snuggle... and a place to call home!"

Crafters out there... I may be fueling a new addiction...

I will add this link to my link list... All Heart is listed on the Hug Shelter Directory under Canada>Ontario>Other, North Bay H.S under Canada>Ontario>705, and... well, go hunting, see if you can find one near you!

I'm adding snuggles to my list. all I have is Sport weight yarn right now... I need some nice, thick, warm Worsted Weight...

At least I'll never be without a project!!


J.D said...

Y'know, that might be a good way to combine two things that you need/ want to do - knitting to relax, while doing something good for someone else - and then you know that your projects will be well loved and well used. Because you can only knit so many scarves; people don't need those in bulk. (I need to learn to make something else for gifts, lol.)

Next time you're in London, bring your yarn and we'll have a stitch 'n bitch.

Oh, and for some cool crafty ideas, check out Ravelry (, the Anti-Craft ( and maybe Knitty ( Free patterns, yo! Free! . . . I love free crafty stuff.

And now I want to go and do crafty stuff, but I have to write a thesis. Curse you!! ;) *loves*

Tabetha said...

Awe... save the kitties... keep them warm. Snuggles - love the idea.