January 5, 2009

Monday up

I feel better today. Kinda. I had to leave the house today, and I was none too happy about that, but still, I'm feeling better.

I don't have a "family doctor" anymore. I mean, that's nothing really huge or shattering, nor is it anything unusual, given that millions of Canadians don't have family doctors, but it still left me feeling a little adrift. Then I discovered something unusual, kind of interesting, and kind of scary. I walked into the walk-in clinic, told them I needed a refill on my 20mg Ciprolex, and they just said "ok" and wrote one up. No need of proof, no chart, no questions asked.

Made me think... if I'd walked in and said "I need a refill of my prozak", would they give it to me? even though I don't actually take it? Is that how people get them off the internet? I mean, I know they won't perscribe narcotics at a walk-in (you have to actually go to emerge for that), but there's still a lot of drugs out there that could score you some serious coinage that aren't narcotic.

Not that I would... well, I mean, I'm not really that desperate.


Anyways, so, yeah. just something to ponder.

Relly's gone a little bit nutty tonight. She and I shared some yogurt, and now she's just running all over the place like a mad-kitten.

I'm trying something new for my NYR (new years resolution). Instead of starting into something like losing weight that I'm going to fail at anyways and be miserable with, I'm going with something a little more fun.

Coupon Hunting.

Seriously! There's this thing I found on a website called a "Coupon Train". It's kind of like chain mail, or that stupid Amish Friendship Bread thing, only better. You hunt coupons, get everything you can, even if you know you won't need them. Your name goes on a list (mine's on a list for a North Bay/Sudbury train). You get the mailing address of the next person on the list, and they get the address of the next person, etc. Once you get a bunch of coupons together that you don't need, you mail them to your person. They take out what they want, add their coupons, and mail them to the next person, who does the same, and eventually they get back to you. Neat thing is, everyone has access to different sources of coupons... magazines, flyers (I don't get the paper, so I won't get as many of those), mailers, internet sites, in-store coupons, on-product coupons... you never know! So by the time they get back to you, there could be a bunch that you want!

Also, I watched this show a while back, about this woman who goes shopping once a month, and gets like $200 worth of groceries for less than $40. THAT's the kind of thing I need. Ok, I know I'm not actually going to save that much without turning into a crazy person, but every penny helps. Besides, it will give me something to make me feel better about my money situation (read: dirt poor. Poorer than dirt. I probably owe dirt money...).

So, if you wanna help me out, save your coupons for me!

Also, visit here: http://forum.smartcanucks.ca/index.php?referrerid=34064

Happy clipping!

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