November 11, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Relly!

One year ago, I made one of the best decisions I have ever made: I adopted a furry little diva named after hard-core workboots.

Sorrelle has been with me permanently for 1 year today. In that time, she's seen 2 homes (plus Nana's house), countless Friends and several unfortunate car trips. She has a Nan and a Nana, 2 Grandads, an Aunt Colleen and an Uncle Adam, and at this point, the qualifications for a diploma in Social Services. She is the queen, my bubee, and even owns her very own Relly-Couch.

She's mine, she's awesome, and no, you can't have her. :)

1 comment:

Onii said...

That picture is made of win. =) I'm glad you and Relly get along so well, and I'm glad you have an actual bed now!! Cause as you know, sleeping on a mattress on the floor sucks! (I've been on an air mattress since May, murr.)