November 12, 2008

AHPR Alert: We need your Stuff!

So, hot off the presses is All Heart Pet Rescue's Christmas wish list. If you have anything that you'd be willing to donate, I'm going to pack up the one-horse-open Meeper and bustle down there. What? Adam said I needed a hobby... I think, until I can get some time in with Girl Guides, Dog walking on Sundays might not be the worst plan ever...

-Business or personal sponsors to pay for a dog or cat ad in the Nugget or on the Radio
-Used Scrubs
-Paper Towel
-Dish soap
-Sponges and scrubbies for washing dishes
-Baking Soda
-Box of 100+ disposable rubber gloves
-Kitchen gloves (because washing litter pans and dirty bowls = ew!!)
-Newspaper (Come on, how many of old issues of the Nugget do YOU have stored up?)
-White paint
-Metal Pooper scoops from either Pet Valu, Global Pet Foods, or Petsmart in Sudbury (Pssst: they're like, $2 at the dollar store...)
-Photocopies of adoption agreements etc…
-Post it Notes
-Regular File Folders (you needed to clean out your desk anyways, right?)
-Cat Room Volunteers (cleaning)
-Dog room Volunteers( cleaning)
-Front Room Volunteers
-Dog Walkers on Sunday (Come! Be one of us!)
-Old blankets/sheets/carpet/pillow cases
-Small buckets or Large metal dog dishes
-LEASHES!!!! All Shapes, sizes, lengths...

Or, for those of us seriously bitten by the Generosity bug... Buy one of my Red Cross Poinsettias.


Outstanding Vet Bills:

Shannondale Pet Hospital $839.99
1429 Main N, Callander, ON P0H 1H0 - (705) 752-4777

Dr Frits office $371.50
Verzijlenberg Vet Services
4 John St, Sundridge, ON P0A 1Z0
Telephone : 705-384-0400

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