September 4, 2008

Quick and Delicious... Literally!

Delicious, Fast, reasonably healthy and cheap.

Obviously, a Sparky Original...

Fake Gourmet Pasta

Macaroni (or whatever pasta you like), about a handful, or enough for you.
1 small slightly over-ripe tomato (leave it out of the fridge overnight, and it should be good to go)
Margerine (I said cheap, remember?)
Salt, 2 pinches, divided (1 for the water for the pasta, one after. I like Kosher salt, personally)
Worchester Sauce

(* PS, Colleen is giggling right now because she read it as Winchester Sauce...)

Boil the pasta in the water with the pinch of salt (ALWAYS salt your pasta water). Once it looks done, drain out the water. Turn the stove-burner to somewhere between Medium and Low. Put the pasta back into the pot, throw about a teaspoon and a half of Margerine in there, and DON'T PUT IT ON THE BURNER YET or it'll burn.

Chop up the tomato. The reason you want it slightly over-ripe is so that it's super-juicy. Cut it up into bits the size of dice (hence why they call it diceing!). Toss the tomato in and put the pot back on the burner. toss in the rest of the salt, the pepper and some Worchester (hee hee) sauce. How much? 4 shakes... Shakey-Shakey, Wakey-Wakey.

let it simmer until all the butter is melted, the tomatos have pretty much fallen apart and there's what looks like some kind of juicy sauce in the bottom. TURN OFF STOVE.

Pour into Pretty Bowl.

Impress your friends. Or, yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Is that actually any good???