August 31, 2008

A different September

So, this is odd for me. School is going back in a few days, and I'm not. In school that is.

THANK GOD! I'm really glad about this! I mean, holy geez, I'm finally doing something that will eventually start earning me money rather than building on my already dizzying debtload!

Though, there are things that I'll miss. Though something tells me that I will still wind up congregating in the Cafeteria, and there's a sneeking, creepy-crawly suspician that I should be expecting a panicky phone call as March approaches regarding theatre tech, I still think I will miss the routine-ness of it. The classes, the assignments and grading...

And I KNOW I will miss the stir-fry station in the middle of the caf. Why, oh WHY did I wait until my last year to discover the goodness of noodles, veggies and tofu??


So, I haven't actually updated in a while. Reason being, technically at least, things are still in a holding pattern, and I don't really want to post this kind of news until it's confirmed in writing with signatures and such. I was expecting a phone call yesterday, but it didn't come, quite possibly because there was a chance that the person making the call might be at the hospital with her ailing father. Once I get that call (whether it's today or on Tuesday), I send an email to another portion of the branch, to work a deal there. Then by the end of next week, I might be getting another call from another place... Which is great, but kind of overwhelming.

Vaguness abounds until I get a solid word though. Sorry about that.

And, for the record, speaking of "official-ness": I don't know. We, as a unit, don't really know. So, before anyone starts getting any crazy ideas about china patterns and fluffy white dresses, cool your jets. Adam and I... are just having fun for now. Nothing is official, nothing is confirmed. And we're both fine with that.

Moving on...

I'm still working on unpacking. I got all of the boxes out of the kitchen, and out of the bedroom. The living room is a different story. Boo-urns on boxes, but I'm getting there. Slowly but... it'll happen.

Anyways, I'm in for now, so I'm going to do laundry and wash dishes. And reflect. I feel reflective today.

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Onii said...

September's always an odd month. For me this year as well, because of not going to school. I don't like September very much, I don't think. Sorry for not calling, it was one of the bad days today, and my afternoon was pretty much spent wishing I were anywhere other than work. As for you and Adam, that's awesome! =) I'm glad you two are having fun. Though... is it weird/and am I allowed to feel a bit of jealousy? I know we're no longer together, but still.. you're there in my heart, and you'll still be there for a while yet, I think. <3 Anyways, yay for having fun! And for getting stuffs unpacked! Told you that you were awesome. <(''<)