September 9, 2008

I bet you're sick of hearing it.

It's my own stupid fault.

I never should have left activ8. I should have just sucked it up, smiled and plodded through. It couldn't really have been that bad. I would have worked through it, and I could have gotten meaner, more pushy, gotten my numbers up.

I never should have taken the job with CHS. Then I could have taken the job at the Crisis Centre instead, made more money and still have gotten one day off a week.

I never should have moved to a more expensive apartment... I should have stuck it out couch surfing or something until a cheaper place came up.

I should ahve just taken the meeper off the road.

Instead, I'm going to go home tonight while my friends go to Caseys for drinks and greasy, overportioned, fatty food. I'm going to go home and be responsible. I'm going to do laundry and drink tea. Really, it's better for me, my waistline, my budget... Budgeting means saying no, so does dieting, so it's better for me. And I'll come out of it with more strength of character, instead of being so lavish.

All this out of kitten poop.

Another day in paradise.

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