September 10, 2008

And the horse you rode in on...

This morning everything became clear to me. This whole, 2 days one desk, 3 days another thing? I see now how it's going to have to work.

See, technically, I have 2 managers. One is fantastic; she's a little harsh sometimes, but she's still learning, so usually it's more of a "ok, but I don't get it, so explain it", more than a swat down.

The other manager rules by fear. She makes everything an emergency, because I'm sure she believes that this is the only way to make sure everything gets done. Kind of a "my way. There is no highway, I just blew it up." person.

The problem with the second manager's style, aside from my now almost constantly burning ulcer and sleepless nights, is that there is no wiggle room. Take today, for example. One supervisor is working from home because she's not well, the other is having a really rough day... nothing for either of them has anything to do with workload, it's all about what's going on in their lives. Now, I'm the queen of having stuff going on in my life, and I know how that can effect me in the work place, so I offered to help one more day at the front desk. Really, there's a day coming up where I'll be at a first aid conference on a day I"m supposed to be at CHS, so everything would be even. Second manager's response to my offer to help was about 2 steps shy of a flat out screw you. It was a definate swat.

So, if she wants to be like that, fine. I was going to work on month end for her, because aparently I'm supposed to do that (no one told me, and I was trained how to do it yesterday, once it was already a week late). Now, I'm not, because I need to know my place. I was going to make up some more new client files for the girls, but now, forget it. Your decisions on the workload is just that correct, that I shouldn't need to. I was going to send out those flyers to businesses where you're so short workers that you're cancelling appointments because we don't have enough people to service the area. Sorry, not now, I don't work for you today.

You wanna be stubborn? I'm a red headed British Toros, I'm the master of stubborn! Rule by fear? Not my problem. Not today. I'm getting paid more to do my "first aid crap" anyways.

Giddy up.

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