August 1, 2008


Done. 40 Gladstone is no more.

I'm now at McNabb.

I sent out an email earlier to some of you with my new mailing address. If you didn't get it and you want it, lemme know. My phone number will be the same, I just won't have service until the 14th.

Yeah, I know. Boo-urns to that.

Also, I won't have intarwebs at home until then either, but at least I won't be bored this weekend. The place is FULL of boxes to be unpacked, I don't know where half of some of the stuff is going to go because I have no shelves (anyone with extra shelving units, please let me know!), I have a bazillion loads of laundry to do (WOOT!), and I need to put my bedframe back together. Though, the mattress on the floor thing wasn't half bad.

Relly is SO confuesd. She is mad because the window in the bedroom isn't quite accessable to her yet, so she somehow managed to claw her way up the wall to get into the window, and to get down, she plummets from the window to the mattress on the floor (she landed on me last night, I was NOT impressed). She will be happy once the bed's put together and she has a bit more height. She LOVES the living room window though.

The shower is FAN-FRICKIN-TASTIC, but small, which is fine. There's a teeny-tiny shower caddy in there, so it's not so bad. It's going to take some time, but I'm adjusting to not having to duck to get into the bathroom, and I can raise my arms in the shower, which is Awesome!

So, on for today is a little bit of a mushed up bag of crazy.

At the Red Cross, I have to:

1. Prepare mail-outs for new "Prevent Disease Transmission" promotion
2. Prepare and send out Flyers to Marinas for OnBoard testing
3. Send out Press release once it's approved by Louise
4. Get a new contract rolling, once I have confirmation from the Branch Manager
5. Re-Organize my desk so it's slightly more efficient
6. File
7. Set up for next week's French course.

Oh, and while I"m doing all of this, I'll also be manning the phones for the CHS side, seeing as no one else will be here (at all... I'm alone in the building) from 12-3ish


Tonight, I have to:

1. Finish Unloading the Car.
2. Run at least one load of Laundry
3. Unpack the essentials (bathroom stuff and kitchen stuff)

And I have Tracy's birthday party tonight, which I'm SUPER excited for!

Saturday, I HAVE GOT TO work at Canadian Tire. I really don't want to because the cold-sore-of-doom I have is at the scabbed over stage and looks really horrible. I don't think there's even remotly anything I can do to cover it, because Make-up's going to make it look worse. But I have to do at least 30 Aps. Why 30? Because I know I can do 20 in 2 hours if I get on a roll. I want 30 in 4 hours at least. Also, Cogeco wants a cheque for first month's service, and I need to pay mom back $1400. And I need to start paying back that damned credit line. And my stupid visa.

Ok, so after work (ha ha...) I will continue with the unpacking. I might hit Kijiji and see if I can get some cheap shelves or something. I already have a line on a free couch, I just need someone with a van to help me get it.

And Sunday? Sunday I'm going to crash out, man. Movies ALL day, thanks to Tony. He completely and 100% legally I promise (...) got me copies of Dark Night, Gotham Night, Hancock, Wall-E (which I don't really want to see, but whatev), and... something else. Can't remember what it was. Plus I haven't gotten to watch Sweeny Todd yet, and I LOVE that movie, and I have a season of Criminal Minds and my all time favoritest movie evar, OutBreak, as well as Resident Evil Apocolypse and Extinction.

Monday... I dont' know yet. It is a holiday, so nothing's really going to be open. And it's heritage Festival, so all major roadways (Main, Oak and Memorial, the 3 major arteries from one end of town to the other) are CLOSED. Boo. Probably more unpacking, maybe a walk down main... I don't know.

But that's the update for now.


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Beatrix said...

"Yay moved!" indeed.

And yes, Sunday needs to be for sleep and movies. Relax, chill out with Miss Kitten, go for a walk, maybe have some lizard on a rock time - do what makes you happy and unstressed. ^_^