July 30, 2008

Conference Calls

Make Me Crazy.

It's 2pm, the call's supposed to start, but the chair person hasn't clicked in yet. Boo. I'm listening to elevator music on my speaker phone, and desperatly trying not to touch my face. Everything itches. My mouth is still swolen, and very itchy. Around my eyes are itchy, my nose, and under my chin hurts from all the swelling and I have a huge headache. And my speaker phone doesn't work properly, so I can't just do that. So I have to keep the phone close to my face, which makes me feel even worse.

Now she's here, and we've spent the last 5 minutes just doing roll call. good lord... some people have bizarre names.

I just want a nap. A long, delicious nap wrapped in polar fleece. With Pillows and hot soup. Maybe I'll have soup for dinner tonight... except I dont' have a can opener. boo. Maybe I'll be able to convince Colleen that we should go to Tim Hortons for supper... Depending on what kind of soup they have.

Also, Rain sucks.

Random and disjointed for the... win?


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