August 12, 2008

And... better.

So, I'm back from the weekend at Adams. It was good, much needed and relaxing. There are about 2-3 hours there where I couldn't remember my own name, and I was violently ill on Saturday morning because of that, but it was soooooo worth it! It was nice to not have to think about anything.

And now, I"m back at work. It's still busy, but it's not insanity. I'm feeling more relaxed, so the work is coming easier. I'll even be on TV and Radio throughout North Bay tonight and this weekend, pimping the Wal Mart Campaign. Go, now, to Wal Mart, and Donate a Dollar to your local Canadian Red Cross!

So, everything is going good, less being poor and the credit cards. It's not really worth it any more, but I"m going to stick it out for a little while longer. Just to see. I mean, if I keep losing money on it, I'm going to have to quit, or I"ll be burnt.

I'm slowly getting the apartment unpacked. I got into a bit of a groove of it yesterday night, but I had to stop because it was nearly midnight. I need to do laundry tonight. :D I CAN DO IT AT HOME!!!!!

OK, back to work. It's slow right now, which is typical... usually things blow up at about 2:30. I'm gonna do some filing. MMmmmmmmm, filing.

...I miss my Colleen. And my Katie. And my Sarah, and my Ducky, and my Mom.

Just saying.

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colleen said...

I donated all the loose change in my purse... Like, 2.38 and a button!