June 8, 2008


I'm still alive. The meeper... is on life support, and I"m waiting on sound medical advice to know whether to pull the plug. So, I'm bussing it for the most part. I'm working for the Canadian Red Cross 8 hours a day, and this week to make up some lost time, I will be working 3 hours after that. I haven't slept more than 6 hours a night in the last week or so.

Sorry it's short, btu that's the update for now. I'll try and post in more detail later in the week, but there's one thing that I want you all to know:

If you've ever wondered who your true friends are, ask them to help you move. Then all will be clear. I'll be moving within the next two months... it will be interesting to see who passes that test.


Anonymous said...

Hey hun! You know that Adam and I would be there to help you if we could. But we are carless, broke (due to various moving expenses) and neither of us can take time off work until after Sept 24 (a long story). And having just been through that particular hell, I can tell you. If someone says they can't come, especially because of longstanding plans or a sudden emergency, they are still your friends, because they told you in advance and you weren't hoping for their help. It's the assholes who say they will help you and never frigging show up that are displaying their true colours.

On a happy note, we got a kitten from the humane society yesterday! She is a 12 week old grey tabby that we named Mika. I'll send pictures when i get them loaded!

Onii said...

I would totally help you move, love. Except that I'm afraid I'm just a wee bit far from your current location to be useful. =[

I will say that you're right about finding out who your true friends are when you need help moving. Ken was with me pretty much all day when I left the apartment, cleaning and scrubbing and then taking several trips to my parents' to move all my crap back. It's not an easy process, and help is always massively appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Not even true zombification will stop me.

Raptor attacks however....

Carol Van Rooy said...

hey, if ever you do make it to St. Thomas... you can always have your picture taken with Jumbo the elepahnt, the town tourist attraction.

Perhaps you'll even be able to see me waving from my house.... HEHEHE