June 30, 2008

Chips for breakfast

Holy Jeez!

Ok, so I"m not online for a couple of days, and everyone panics! No, I'm not dead. No, I"m not having a minor freak-out (yet), and no, I"m not avoiding anyne... I just wasn't online. I don't generally have a lot of time for being online right now because lack of sleep is making me a crazy person.

That being said, yes, chips for breakfast. Why? Because I'm hung over (still) from Saturday/Sunday, so if my body is craving dill pickle chips, I"m not in any state to argue. Last night it was KFC, and I felt much better after... possibly because of all the water I drank to combat the spicy-salty-greasy goodness, and possibly because the blend of 12 secret spices is actually 12 different mood enhancers. Regardless, I felt better.

Today will be more of the same; work, work, work, sell credit cards, crash. One notable exception though is the terrifying amount of cleaning that I will need to do tonight, as Laura's showing the apartment tomorrow around 3pm. As I plan on not being there when this is going on, not only do I have to clean, but I have to hide anything remotly valuable AND pack up Sorrelle so we can spend the afternoon at Adam's. It's just easier that way.

I still haven't heard from Bradwick. I called and left a message with them to please call me back asap, and hopefully I'll hear something today. If not, I'll be going in to visit them Wednesday after the holiday.

Other than that, nothing major happening. Nothing to write home about, really. Except maybe the almost paralyzing depression that comes with almost 3 solid weeks of RAIN. :( Not that I'd ever really get to enjoy the sun when it's out... I need a vacation. Oh, well.


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