May 17, 2008

quick message from sparky

hey all. i'm not avoiding you. i just havn't slept in almost 24 hours because of the epic fail that was the 'yardsale'. it's over now, but i need to recharge, and it isn't over. tomorrow i venture once more into the abyss, and can can assist a dear friend or two in finally ridding themselfes of the psychological trauma of the last 12 months.

one more day at 202 lakeheights, then it's over, and it can seriously burn in hell.

also, i'm never helping anyone move again unless more than 3 people are involved, and someone is renting a cube van.



Colleen said...

Like I don't even know what I'm going to do for you. Something epic. I love you. So much. So. Very. A. Lot.

Also, there will be plenty of talking tomorrow.

Onii said...

Not to be outdone by Colleen, I love you too. I'm having a shot of rum in honor of your awesomeness. <3