May 25, 2008

I have... needs...

There are things that I want that are reasonable, things that I need that are immediate, and things that are mearly dreams.

- An apartment
-First and last
-a real job

-A NICE apartment
-a job in social services that pays decently
-a new-er Meeper

-A small, 2 bedroom house with a back yard
-a new-ish car
-a job with a title
-a garden
-manageable hair
-a savings account that actually has savings in it
-no debt
-an RRSP
-nice clothes

I want to have that dream
I want to have my wants
I NEED to have my NEEDS

I have nothing.


Beatrix said...

Come back to London, even if it's just for a month or two to regroup and save some cash. Srsly. We all need that break from time to time to recharge the battery and get things back to normal.

And nothing helps a person relax like sitting on my patio in the sun and consuming an entire bottle of wine. ;)

colleen said...

But I love your hair.....