May 6, 2008


My Name is Sparky, and I'm here with Canadian Tire Financial Services!
I was wondering if you're interested in our Gas advantage Card?
How about our Options card?
Are you sure?
Could you pretend for about 5 minutes, fill out the application and throw the card away when it gets to your house?

Because if you don't, I DON"T GET PAID. Seriously, I don't get paid unless you sign on the dotted line, pal. I don't care if you already have or don't want a credit card... I already have one, and I don't want one, but the reason I don't want one has nothing to do with the 18.99% interest rate... No, it has to do with the fact that I can't afford to pay back my balance, because YOU'RE NOT SIGNING YOUR FRICKIN NAME!!!!!

So, please, just fill out the damned app. If you don't, you'll see me again at Fanny's, and I'll take you're money direct.

Thank you! :)

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