January 15, 2008


Sorry I wasn't around much today. Things happened, not bad things, but I dind't have time to hop onto MSN at work... Which I really shouldn't be doing anyways.

Talks were had. They were good talks. Some things don't change, no matter how much you talk about them, but it's good sometimes to talk.

Schedules got shuffeled around. Things are getting busy, which is good for me. Sorrelle's not impressed, but she'll have to make due for now.

SoS, despite recent setbacks, is back in full swing. Things look to be calmer than ever, which is a good thing! Sometimes it just takes the right tweak to make everything fall into place.

Had a Vagina Monologues Production Meeting today. Lookin good. There's about 5 people looking to do the "Directorial" stuff, so I probably won't be compleatly overwhelmed by it, and despite the rather large changes to the show itself, (not the monologues, just the layout), I think this will be more enjoyable than anything else.

Didn't get time for the Treadmill today. Tomorrow I'm going in the place of "Wellness Activity Day". I was thinking about it, and though SnowShoeing would probably be an interesting experiance, I need the time to be alone for a little while and not think about anything but knocking a pound or two of stress from my gut.

Tonight, I'm doing 15 crunches on the yoga ball when I get home, then going to bed. It's been a long day, and tomorrow might be longer. Looks like Thursday I'll have the night off next.

Hope Springs Eternal, even if it's just for me.

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