January 5, 2008


Sometimes I just can't deal with people. Right now is one of those times.

No I don't want to get high with you, because if I do that, I might just injur you, and/or kill your stupid fucking wigger brother. I HATE that guy. He's barely said 2 words to me, but his little weasly face, his stupid half-on white hat, and his god damn oversized everything... God, NO. Get lost.

And I hate you too, your smug, arrogant, "No means nothing to me, and I have no problem hurting people for my own amusement" attitude and the way you can get high your lover's basement while the both of you are sitting next to your GIRLFRIEND who pays your way through life and pays for your drugs.

And for the record, I'M NOT EATING SUGAR. I'm really not.

And I can't stand you two either. You make my friends miserable with your NOISY, LOUD AND ABNOXIOUS SEX, and you piss me off by rubbing it all in my face. You know what, I GET IT... She's more "traditional" than me, which aparently means she wants kids... that's the ONLY difference between what she wants and what I want... She just probably wants to get married sooner, because I prefer to have a career rather than be a barefoot housewife. But, whatever, she does something for you. Don't know what, but whatever.

And You know what? I don't like you when you're with stoner boy. You turn into a sappy whiney bitch.

And I fucking HATE what I did to you. I don't want to keep leading you on. It just kind of happens... And You're a good person, and I truly care about you as a friend, I just don't want to be with you.

And I HATE that I'm sitting here, at my friend's place, while they're downstairs getting high, and I"m upstairs blogging, being angry and frustrated.

I'm not at all happy right now. I'm not in a good place.

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