August 26, 2007


This weekend was great. It really was. But there were some hiccups for me, on a personal level. I came home and spent the day relaxing, rocking out, burning off some energy... And I keep coming back to this song. With the Adam kerfuffle still more kerfuffly than I'd like, the creation of Jaso-vive, and a sudden re-appearance by Nathan (which has the Cmdr. Riker in my head screaming "Red Alert" like the Borg are on my tail...), I think I've pretty much given up. No more. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me this many times, and... well, I kinda look like a big idiot, don't I?

But still... I kinda want this...

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Beatrix said...

Jaso-vive? I suddenly feel a sense of impending doom . . . if it is indeed what I think it is.

And Riker is right.

In any case, clearly I'm not caught up on the goings on, so when I get to North Bay in September, we must have tea.