July 16, 2007


That's the one thing I kinda hate about this job. The Waiting. I know I have a pile of work to do, paperwork that might actually eat up a few hours of my time. But I have to wait for everything to get checked and set up before I can have at it. I imagine that's all part of the job, but sometimes it feels like I spend a whole day waiting for something to do. And I try to keep busy. I mean, there's loads of filing to be done (when I can match the notes with the files, or when the notes belong to tenants who still live with us), and I could keep working on the grant application or the report I'm working on, or even put together a snazzy information power-point dealie for the HOAP infosession, but... I feel like I'm doing nothing. It's actually really frustrating.

Today, to add salt to the wound, I actually found out how broke I am, or am about to be. I swear, I'd better get in on Canadore's new drug plan, or I'm going to be in withdrawl by Christmas. And NO ONE wants that.

Well... what's next. Tonight I'm going grocery shopping (finally). I decided to bite the bullet so I can stop eating pasta every night. It's not healthy. Neither is going out to dinner every night. It's nice, but it's not cheap. I need to start living within my means. So, I'm going to go write a shopping list. hopefully by then it's break.

So, what's new with everyone else?

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