July 13, 2007

Quittin' Time!

It's now 5 after 4pm, and I'm done for the week. Things here at work are getting kind of rediculous. I think the weather has made all of our tenants a little snakey, and I just spent the last hour faxing the Landlord and Tenant Board Applications for eviction, and photocopying warning letters. Not to mention sending out notices that people are a month late handing in their paperwork, and preparing new leases for 6 out of about 40 renewals. Those people will all have to come in, not to mention the dozens of new faces about to be exposed to the wonderful world of Low Income Housing. Lucky ducks, they are!

Tracy is off for a week now. I have this terrible suspicion that the whole place is about to collapse at our feet. Even worse is the knowledge that I'm probably going to be smack in the middle of it. Huzzah. Oh, well... They like/need me too much to fire me. There's even now talk of creating a part time position for me through the school year to start community development surveys; to prepare for actually working in the community, I have to know what they need and who can provide it, not to mention making sure people recieve the help and supports they need. All of this hinges on Carol's return next week... And that damned grant. I think it will actually haunt my dreams. Talk about snakey...

Anyways, I'm going home to take a quick nap (siesta?), then out to dinner with Adam. I may even consider drinking the last 6-8 beer I have at his place, and slipping into an alcohol-induced coma on the couch.

They have a damned comfy couch.

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