July 2, 2007


Wow... updates are getting really few and far between, aren't they? I'll have to fix that.

Last week was awesome! I've had the oppertunity to spend lots of time with mes amis, (so I can't spell in french... it's a work in progress), and I've had a few oppertunities to really impress my boss! All of which are awesome!

I got to hang out with Shaun (hot guy with the nipple ring) tonight, which also rocked. Even though he's still a little naive, and his views of the world are a little too big for his britches, he's still interesting to talk to. Plus, he let's me worry about him (he called me Mom tonight, which was both cute and kinda awkward), which makes me feel important to him. I don't often get to feel that way with my friends, other than I know that I'm important to them because I'm their friend, and they haven't told me to bugger off yet.

So, things here are still excellent! I've got a bit of an ant problem, but I think everyone's having that issue, and I've systematically "evicted" all of the spiders I've came across so far. Buying 2 flyswatters was the best thing I ever did! I've also started dancing more, which is awesome! I feel like I might even be losing a little weight because of it, which is a huge plus.

I'm in 17th place for tour dollars in the Poker Tour, which is rediculous because I only play blackjack. I'm still working on the whole poker thing... I kinda have the basic rules down, I'm just still playing my hand, instead of trying to work out what other people have. It works great in Black Jack, but not so much in Poker.

Other than that, nothing much is really going on here. I got my Criminal Record check into the Red Cross (finally!), so I can start volunteering with them as soon as I get an email from the boss, and I've got the whole lease thing down pretty well, all I need to work on is what parts of the policy does and doesn't apply to which properties. So, really all is well!

I do love being up here. :)

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Ginny said...

Those foam ant nest filling things look cool. Or even that "barrier" spray.

Poker and reading people? NO ONE is that good unless they've played for a very long time. I still look at only my cards, so don't worry, you're doing fine. I think you need more practice games before you jump into betting with real money poker.

And yay for Red Cross! That's awsome! Aaron did that... wait, no, she was with St. John's, n/m. But still! Lol, make sure you like it there, and don't stay if you don't.