March 26, 2007


I got a new Kraft Kitchen Magazine today. Every time I get one, I want to cook, but I can't... I don't have any frozen veggies left. :(

There are a couple of cheesecake recipes in there (, that has nothing to do with the veggies...) that I REALLY want to try...Fruit Smoothie, New York Style Bites with Strawberries, Rocky Road,
Minis, Oreo.... *drools a la Colleen...*

And the Pasta! The Salads! Dear God, the casseroles! They have a whole section on Chicken! And a half-decently easy recipe for Hollandaise sauce...

Now I'm definatly going to have to make a whack of cash this summer, just to cover all the cooking I'm going to do next year... It's amazing the things you can do with Kraft Dinner and Italian Dressing... So, despite it's small size, I might have to have a few gatherings at my place... Food-based ones, of course.

But now, as my room is once again a hole...I'm going to start diggin'.

OH! And Mom sent me sparklies! There was a drop necklace with tear-drop shaped blue-green marbled stones, with a bracelet and earrings to match. I'm SO wearing them to Phantom on Saturday...

Speaking of which (it never ends!) I suddenly became social this week. Don't really know why... Anyways, so here's the deal (btw: these are invite-only parties, as far as I know...)

Tomorrow: Scary Movie Night
Friday: Kings Buffet for Lunch, and possibly the Cast Party
Sunday: Easter Dinner with the Gals
Wednesday: "I'm finally getting the hell out of Rez!" Party

This is why I love Facebook. :)

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