October 19, 2006

Some Days...

Some days, you get frustrated. Like today. You think you're doing something well, and then you find out you might be wrong...

We had one of the "group leaders" walk out of Community Organization, and transfer into the other class, because he thinks we're "immature". We had a test first thing, then after a short break, we came back to run our meeting. While we're doing this, the guy kept checking his watch and huffing... Then he says "Can I take my group out [of the class]now? We need to get working". I tried to explain to him that we had to go through our agenda first (which is procedure), but there was time set aside for groups to break up and work on their own assignments. Then he got up and left, saying "Call me when you're ready to work." The Chair Person almost went after him, but Randy convinced her not to.

Plus we're having issues with Respect in the class. People (even one of the execs!) are getting rude and snippy, because we "haven't accomplished anything". We have, it's just not tangeable yet. So, everyone got frustrated, and people left feeling really discouraged.

Then today, I get an email from one of the group members, THANKING us for taking the time to do what we do. You know what? It REALLY made my day. It's really nice to know that Someone appreciates what we're doing, and that not everyone in the class is at their breaking point. So, I feel much better now.

So, I haven't really been posting much lately. I've been pretty busy, actually. I've become the Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo, so I'm "in charge" of motivating the North Bay writing team: holding events, moderating the message board for our area... That kind of neat stuff! I'm really looking forward to it! If I can't actually finish my novel, I'll be happy if I can help someone else finish theirs!

I've realized, on the 'helping' front, that I really, really need to practice my interviewing skills. I can't just do it in class if I'm going to get good at it. Maybe some of you out there would like to help? That would be awsome.

So, tonight is looking to be an "in" night. I have a fair chunk of homework to do, and a test or several to study for. So, fun and games. And this time, I don't think I'm going to ask for distractions. This time, I'm going to get it over with. Because this weekend, next week, and NOVEMBER are all looking to be insane.

But I'll keep posting. If just to keep my sanity.

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