October 12, 2006

I can't be that bad...

So, it's not even noon, and already I've been called bossy and mean.
Jeremy (the dork who was picking on Heather) now addresses me as "Hey there, Attitude".

I'm not really that bad, am I?

I mean, I thought I was starting to be more pleasent, more happy, but right now I feel like the world's biggest Bitch. Maybe I'm getting power-trippy, and I don't realize it? Maybe I'm just really tired.

I don't mean to be mean. I don't mean to be offensive. Though, I don't like the fact that a person who can take command of a room will be shut out because they're not nice enough. One of the girls in my Com. Org. Class told me that she doesn't listen to me because I'm too bossy. I'm sorry, but if I'm not bossy, the point doesn't get across. At least, that's my experiance. Maybe that's what's wrong.

But yeah. I'm not in a good mood today. I'm tired, because I was up till 1am working on stuff for that class, and I have a midterm today, AND I missed my buss, so I got here late. Coffee's just makeing me shakey, which is probably making me more mean.

Well, tonight is another big homework night. I have tutorial questions and an assignmnet due tomorrow. I hope people get back soon, so I can relax. I really feel like I needed the week off to just regenerate.

So, I'm around. Call me. I'll try not to be too mean.


Ginny said...

Dude, you're not mean, you're just assertive. People who don't know you, who are used to everyone being sickeningly pleasent all the time, have to wake up and realize that life isn't flowers and sunshine dammit! So fuck 'em. Be assertive and get things done, so that the class isn't sitting on their asses, twiddling their thumbs while they wait for a democratic agreement on who's going to staple a document together.

For fucks sake people.


teddy said...

I have to agree with ginny, Social Work is not for the wishy washy. Its a hard world out there, You need to be aggressive just to keep a head, and get things done. If I needed help I would definately want you in my corner.

Beatrix said...

Yes, you do have a 'tude, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, that's just a part of who you are. It's in your nature to stand up to people, speak your mind, get in their faces if necessary, and sometimes we need that. Some people just don't respond well to an attribute like that; we all interpret things differently, and while your dear loving friends know that's who you are and that we can always count on you in a fight, other people might see it as you being a bitch. (Not that being a bitch is a bad thing; I know some people who are that are quite proud of it. :D) Just don't forget pick and choose your battles; sometimes less is more. ^_^

Anonymous said...

claim your bossy, bitch attitude with pride! i do! lol. seriously, you are you, you step on toes, but you also have your friends backs...i'd rather have that than some useless moron whimpering that they dont want to offend anyone....you are great and we love you just the way you are