October 31, 2006

Hugs all round!!

Hey guys!

I just want to thank you all:

Nanoers, for being awsome about my scatter-brainded-ness... Chicken! The North Bay COCKS ROCK!!

My friends, who got that massive email from me today, and have already started coming to me with donations of clothes and stuff... Your generosity floors me every time.

Mike and Josh for putting up with me...again. Though, I don't think it's as bad this time... Yet. I'm working on not making it as bad.

That out of the way...


That's right, one hour until I begin the roller-coaster from HELL that is NaNoWriMo... The Special Hell that I love SOOOOO much!! I'm totally ready. I have the first 4 chapters outlined, as well as most of my characters. I don't really get to start writing until probably Friday night and Saturday Afternoon... But that's ok... I can whip out 4000 words easy in that first block of time. You know, I actually have a good feeling about this time... Like I might actually finish a novel.

Other than that... I've still got those freakin' tutorials to do up. I'm going to swing by the forums first, and tidy up there... Then I'm off and running!


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Rebecca said...

Sparky - thanks for bringing us all together and showing us how much support there is for what we're doing. It's tough to work in a vacuum, and by demonstrating that there are other sick freaks like ourselves out there, I (for one) don't feel so all alone :)

Rebecca (aka Katwomyn76)