August 26, 2006

A little calmer tonight...

Sorry about the freak-out folks... I'm back, and stable for the time being.

Anyways, so I'm sitting here watching Kill Bill Vol.1 on CBC (go figure...), and studying. Yes, amigos, you read that right, I'm studying. Hell, I wrote 2 exams today. First Aid, CPR. Much more complicated than I remember either of them to be, but oh well. I need to know this stuff, so it's good. It's just wierd to be doing the academic thing again. But I still like it, so I guess it's ok.

I'm starting to get used to my hair. At first, I thought I'd actually gone a bit too short, and that maybe the front was...poofier than I'd like, but it's not that bad once I work some gel into it. Love the colour though. I'll be a sad puppy when it fades back to blond.

I can't find my cell phone charger. I think Nathan may have it. I haven't heard from him since we split, so I don't know if it's maybe too... soon to email him. He did say that he has a box of my stuff, and I have some of his, including his glasses, (he rarely wears them), so I'll have to meet up with him eventually. Hm.

You should SEE the suppliments I'm taking. Holy. Carp. yeah, that's right, carp. 2 Omega 3-6-9 (inch long gel caps) in the morning, 2 Apple Cider Vinegar with each meal, then before I go to bed, there's another 3 Omegas (they promote cardio and nervous system and skin health, as well as work to even out brain/mood functions) another 2 Apple Ciders (promotes digestion) a multi-vitamin with green tea extract, Super Ginko Biloba (memory), 3 Flax (Heart and Brain function), and the Cipralex. Why the focus on Cardiovascular health? I just found out that grandad has heart disease, and that grandpa takes 22 different medications (yeah, twenty-two) every day. I figure, if I can cut out fats, refined sugars and caffien (I haven't drank coffee in 2 months), exercise a bit more, and get my innards working a bit better, I might be able to avoid being a mess when I get older. The Ginko is because I left the stove on the other day. Like an old lady, I left the tea kettle to simmer for an hour. Mom thinks I have Adult ADD. I think I have early onset Alzhiemers. Or paranoia. Whatever. The point is... Um...

Oh! Kill Bill!

So... that's it. more tomorrow, hopefully.


Beatrix said...

Kill Bill? On CBC? How much did they edit out?

Sparky said...

Actually, nothing much. Nothing that I remembered was edited out. Blood Spurted, everybody swore, and she still drove the Pussy Wagon.