May 26, 2006

Midnight O'Clock

Hey All. I'm still here, still alive, still working, and all that jazz.

A couple of things have happened on this end:

1) found out that due to a 3% increase in pay at Richardsons, I'm now making $11.19/hour. Spiff!
2) I took my Operator test. By the end of the month, I may actually be a back-up operator, which would have me making over $12/hour
3)Incase that doesn't pan out, I also put in for a posting in Weigh-Up, which would also put me over $12/hour, plus the room is climate controlled and has a radio.
4) got the rose tattoo on my ankle. Looks very perty.
5) hacked all my hair off. Again. It's not much shorter than my profile picture, but this time, there are blond high-lights, and shorter bits in the front. I like it.
6) I officially graduate from Nipissing on June the 9th, but more on that later.
7)Nathan sent me roses
8) I'm half-way unpacked, which means I'm going to be getting rid of a bunch of not-yet-unpacked stuff soon
9)Nathan's coming to visit at the end of June, and we're going to a friend's buck-and-doe, so he'll finally get to meet the girls from work.
10)...well, actually, that's pretty much it.

As I mentioned, I'm coming back to North Bay for one night (only!), June 9th, for convocation. I don't know who else is coming back up, but if people want to get together, I'd like that, so send me an email or something. I know that the ceremony should be over by about 5pm, and Nathan and I are planning to see a movie that night (there are dinners that we could go to, but why pay $25 a head to feel uncomfortable around a bunch of strangers all night?), but I was thinking that I might also want to maybe stop in and see Mike, or hang out with Ducky and Brian, or something. We'll see what happens.

I finished reading the Davinci Code. It was pretty good... I mean, there were spots that I would have skipped, and parts that I couldn't put down. The ending wasn't quite what I expected. Aparently you have to have read both the Davinci Code AND Angels and Deamons to understand the movie though, so... Meh. I just started reading White Oleander, and it looks to be something more to my liking. It's nice to not "have" to read some of these books; no summer readings this time around. So, I guess now I can go back and read some of the books that I was supposed to have read for, oh, I don't know, Kid Lit and Romance...

It's wierd the things you think about when you're alone on a line all night. I got thinking about the whole idea that if you say a word so many times, it loses all meaning. It's because the mind breaks down the word, and you start focusing on the sound, the letters, the combination of tones... and then the word meaning lost meaning, and I couldn't think anymore.





Yeah, that's pretty much all I got. I miss high-speed internet passionalty. I'm really starting to hate permanent-type words like "forever", "never", "indefinitly"... they presume too much about the future, and things that are out of our control.


Sleep = Good.

I'll post again soon. Hopefully. Spare moments where the phone is not needed are hard to come by.

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Beatrix said...

Hey man. Good to see that everything is ok so far. Be good (HA) and be well, take care of yourself and come back to us soon!!