January 26, 2012

night thoughts

I should be sleeping.

I mean, really.  I have things to do tomorrow.  And even if I don't have actual things, there about 101 other "things" I should be doing.

I have work things, which, should I do them tomorrow, will make my Friday pretty easy-peasy.  And I have house things, like laundry and dishes and cleaning and yes, I'm back on the guest room kick again.  There's a good possibility that within the next month or two, people might be staying in my home for a few days, and I'd like to give them something a little more comforting than an air mattress in the living room.

I have those house things, yes, but I also have non house things, like knitting.  GOOD LORD IN NEBRASKA do I have knitting.  That Queue of mine is about a billion miles long (ok, the one on rav needs some serious overhauling, but trust me, it's huge), and growing longer with every passing day.  I could knit all day, every day, trading sleep for dreamy fiber and smooshy yarn, and still I'd have hundreds of things to knit.  Seriously, people need to stop having babies.

I have non house, non knitting things to do.  Well, kinda.  I have like, 100+ movies in my house, not to mention dozens of DVD Box sets of TV series that I've never even viewed... a couple that I've not even taken the wrappings off yet!  Not to mention the ever-expanding library of Netflix and have I mentioned that I've never seen an episode of Dr. Who?  EVER. 

And then there are the silly things... the things we all say we'd like to do some day, but know we never will... like going through closets and really scrutinizing what I do and don't wear.  Same for shoes.  Or what about going through the three bins of paper scraps hanging around, hoping we never actually get audited?  Alphabetizing the books would fit on this list... except the Star Wars ones, Adam says they have to be organized by time-line within the novels.  Or scraping the peeling paint off the bathroom ceiling.  Or scrubbing the tile.  with a tooth brush.

I have things.  Things I should do right now.  Or tomorrow.  But that doesn't overcome the original obsticle...

I should be sleeping.

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