April 11, 2011

Jumbo Washers = Love

Another day in the looney world of Sparky... at least, yesterday was. And even then, it wasn't really looney, but there was a lot of pocket change.

Adam and I gathered all of our laundry (we're a "wash what we need" couple, so some items can go a while without a washing) and headed to a laundromat. A real, Toronto laundromat. It was actually kind of nice... I got some knitting done, everything got nicely washed and dried and we folded and sorted out our clothes that are going to charity... We got 4 jumbo loads done and folded in 2 hours! It was pretty much epic, and I loved it.

Then there was more knitting, which is good... I made some pretty excellent progress on a project I've been avoiding, which ended up not being as bad as I thought it would be! And then there was Nachos and Salsa and Tron with Tammy and Jay and Adam.

All of this was awesome, but it puts me behind again on the daily bloggy goodness. So, here's Topic 3

Knitterly Bloggyness Topic 3: Tell us about a knitter you enjoy.

There's actually a couple of knitters I follow very regularly. These are knitters I've never met in public (with the exception of special events), who keep fairly regular blogs related to knitting.

Knitter 1: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, The Yarn Harlot.

The Yarn Harlot is a Toronto-based knitter and writer. She's fantastically funny, and very down to earth. She writes about her knitting exploits, as well as her family and their attempts at living greenly, and her travels around Canada and the world. She's smart, funny, and knits like a crazy person... meaning very fast.

Knitter 2: Anna Hrachovec, MochiMochi Land

Anna is an epic knitter of tiny proportions... meaning she knits fantastic projects usually less than an inch or two big. She creates 52 tiny art pieces a year, ranging from the seasonal (santas and snowmen) to the adorable (tiny animals) to the just plain neat (I'm sure there was a rocket at one point...). She also makes patterns for larger projects that earn the lable of Kawaii, which is Japaneese for "cute". My favorites are the stackable cats and pileable pups.

Knitter 3: Laurie Perry, CrazyAuntPurl

Recently, this knitter has moved away from writing about knitting, but I still like reading her stuff. She's an LA-based divorcee with cats and 2 published works. She makes me laugh, and I can't wait until she starts knit-blogging again.

These are the 3 knitters I follow on the WWW. Other knitters I admire hang out at Creative Yarns in Scarborough... you should come visit sometime. :)

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