April 29, 2011

And in other news...

I'm SO sick and tired of weddings. Hearing about weddings, Seeing things about weddings, Talking about weddings, Thinking about weddings.... Sick of it. Done. Don't wanna do it no more.

So, I'm going to post about knitting instead. Then I'm going to scrub my place with a toothbrush and listen to 102.1 The Edge until my ears bleed.

I should note, that in typical Sparky fashion, I mislabled the last post... this is actually topic number 5. The last one should have been topic number 4.

Blogging about knitting Topic 5: Where do you knit?

I knit all over the place, really. In the living room, at work (while on break), on the TTC when I can, I would even knit at the bus stop while waiting for a bus... not in the winter, obviously, but in the nicer weather. However, I get the vast majority of my knitting done at my LYS, which is Creative Yarns in Scarborough. When work isn't being a weenie, I"m there every thursday night from 7-9, and most Sundays from noon-4pm, knitting away, petting yarn, and chatting with the ladies. You should really come in for a visit, if you're in the GTA... Nina and Jody (the owners) always have the coffee on and the kettle boiled.


So, I've been really dragging this whole blogging about knitting thing out, which has worked to my advantage so far, but I've been thinking about what I'm going to be blogging about after this. There's been a couple of memes going around... 30 days of this and 30 days of that... And I'm cool with doing something like that. I don't really have much interesting stuff I can talk about going on in my life right now, and regardless of what happens with timing, I"m not letting this blog turn into a wedding blog.

So, yeah. that's that. I'm going to finish my tea and start the scrubbing process.

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