July 23, 2010

Testing Foot Notes

I've seen people using foot notes in their blog postings, and I wanted to try it, but I suck at HTML. I'm going to try it anyways to see if it works.... Here goes.

Kangaroos live in Australia.1
Kangaroos are awesome.
Kangaroos are marsupials.2
Kangaroos are bouncy
Kangaroos are generally Brown.
Kangaroos are not lizards.
Sometimes Kangaroos are seen at the Zoo.
The other day we went to the Zoo
Heather liked the fish best.
Fish swim.
Fish can be found in lakes.
Gophers are not often found in lakes.
Gophers live in gardens.

1. Kangaroo Info : Google
2. Non-Marsupial Info : Ravelry

Ok, so I think this works... I might fiddle with it some more... we'll see.

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